2019 CBRN Exhibition
Past CBRN Exhibition Photo

About the Exhibition

Strategically Located at Fort Leonard Wood
Home to the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, Fort Leonard Wood trains nearly 90,000 military and civilians each year. It is the training headquarters for the Training and Doctrine Command’s U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School, as well as the U.S. Army Engineer School, and the U.S. Army Military Police School.

Premier CBRN/WMD Event

This event is the premier gathering of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) / WMD (weapons of mass destruction) Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational, Industry Academia and CBRN professionals.

Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

Goals of the Exhibition

CBRN/ WMD terrorism at home and abroad is a persistent threat with the potential to have mass casualties. The goal of the exhibition is to leverage the CBRN community to provide the best support possible to current operations and Soldiers, as well as, to engage our CBRN strategic thinkers of today and discuss preparations for our next set of challenges.

2018 CBRN Events

The 2018 CBRN Exhibition took place during the week of the CBRN Senior Executive Leader's Symposium.

Key Chemical Corps Regiment Events for 2018 Included:
  • 2018 CBRN Senior Executive Leadership Symposium (hosted by the U.S. Army CBRN School, by invitation only)
  • 2018 CBRN Exhibition
  • CCRA Golf Scramble
  • CCRA Barbecue
  • And, More!

Exhibit Hall

Does your company have a solution, technology or equipment that could help support the CBRN/WMD Defense community? Reserve your booth space now.

Interact with WMD sector leaders and industry partners to highlight CBRN / WMD Strategic, Operational and Warfighter level issues at Home and Abroad to adequately adapt to the CBRN/WMD threat environment.

Gain Access to Global Leaders, Experts, Users and Decision Makers with the Following Responsibilities:
  • Personnel Decontamination
  • Defense Support of Civil Authorities
  • Biological Identifying
  • Radiation and Explosive detection
  • Biosurveillance
  • Chemical Warfare Agents
  • Military & Civilian
  • Nuclear Defense
  • Medical Countermeasures
  • And, More!

Exhibit Hall Floor Plan