2021 CBRN Exhibition

Base Access

Base Access On-line Application

Fort Leonard Wood requires all guest who do not have a military/government ID to complete an application to be considered for base access. Please click on the link below. VERY IMPORTANT - The point of contact email to be added in the first question is TBD. Please check back regularly to see updated point of contact.


ATTN: Effective immediately contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors wishing to access post must have been pre-registered for a pass by a DoD representative from Fort Leonard Wood. If they are not pre-registered, they will be denied access until:

1) They complete the application process.
2) The event sponsor comes to the Visitor's Center in person.

Picking Up Your Pass

Passes can be obtained at the Main Gate Visitor’s Center located at the Main Gate (North) in Building 100 adjacent to Missouri Avenue.

*Note that the passes cannot be picked up prior to the start date of the pass, unless it is a replacement for a current pass. Example: if you approve someone for 1-31 July, and they are not currently in possession of a FLW issued pass, they wouldn't be able to pick up the pass until 1 July. Due to the way our pass system is set up, the pass starts the same time it is printed.

All states and territories, with the exception of AMERICAN SAMOA have a REAL ID compliance extension until 10 Oct 2018. No second form of ID is required unless you are from AMERICAN SAMOA.

Base Access Application

Accessing Fort Leonard Wood following the REAL ID Act of 2005

Drivers’ licenses and identification cards from the states of Missouri, Minnesota, Washington, and American Samoa are no longer accepted as a valid form of identification alone to gain access to Fort Leonard Wood and its facilities. Drivers’ licenses and identification cards from these states are non-compliant with the standards of the federal REAL ID Act.

Acceptable alternate forms of identification that may be used in conjunction with a state driver's license to potentially gain access to the installation are:

* United States Passport or United States Passport Card
* Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
* Social Security Card
* Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)
* Foreign passport with a temporary (I-551) stamp or temporary (I-551) printed notation on a machine readable
* Employment authorization document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)
* Foreign passport with Form I-94 or Form I-94A bearing same name as passport and containing an endorsement of the alien’s nonimmigrant status, as long as the endorsement has not expired and proposed employment is not in conflict with restrictions or limitations identified on the form.
* School identification card with photograph
* U.S. Military or draft record (Certified Copy of DD Form 214)
* U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
* Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)
* Native American Tribal Document

Visitor(s) requesting access without a REAL ID Act compliant form of identification or cannot provide supplemental identity proofing documents as listed above, must be escorted by a DOD credentialed person at all times while on the installation. All persons requesting unescorted access will continue to be vetted through the National Crime Information Center, prior to being issued an installation pass.

Fort Leonard Wood Weapons Registration

Click here for information about weapons registration on Fort Leonard Wood.

Exhibition Details

June 22-23, 2021
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Base Access